About Us

Who we are

We are Price Action Traders with 10+ years of combined trading experience. We day trade Bank Nifty 3-minute chart for a living. To consistently beat the market, we need to have an EDGE in our trading. Price action reading bar-by-bar forms the base for trades. We use indicators for additional confirmation rather than using indicator-based signals to make a trade. In addition, we use few aspects of the Decision Point (DP) trading system.

At Niftybank.in, we share our learnings and strategy, which will help new and as well as amateur traders and perhaps add value to professional traders too.

Based on our experience, we are going to go ahead and highlight the following:
Markets are brutal, it's designed to take money out of your pocket. This is the ultimate truth about the market.
So, now the question arises, is it possible to make a living out of the market? The answer is YES!

We, will show you the way forward. Making money trading involves lot of hard work, discipline, dealing with uncertainties and probabilities with perseverance.

Trading is an environment, with zero or no resemblance to the real world. There is always an element of uncertainty coupled with probability. Being successful in the real world does not guarantee success in trading. But the best thing about this environment is that there is no differentiation as in the real world based on one’s race, caste, skin-colour, culture, or status. Another perk is that you are accountable for yourself; you won't have to worry about bosses, co-workers or office politics.

Anyone hoping for instant success using a system or a holy grail indicator to riches, this platform is not for you.

We welcome you to partake on this journey, learn to play the game of uncertainties and probabilities, called trading.